1. Why should I go through this process?

To formalize your parenting and property matters in ONE DAY for your family so that you can avoid future heartache and get on with your life.

If you don’t go through this process you may end up in Court and will have to abide by a Judge’s decision, like it or not. With Mediation your voice is heard, your opinion matters and you can finalise your parenting and property matters quickly.

2. Where will the Mediation be held?

We organise the venue at a location convenient to you, this can be at a family relationship centre

3. Do the children attend Mediation?

No, just the both of you attend. You may also wish to have your Lawyer attend with you.

4. How do I prepare for the Mediation?

We will send you a Family Mediation Station pack (some simple forms for you to complete and return to us). However, you should think about any proposals that you wish to make and concerns that you wish to raise.

5. What if there are Domestic Violence issues?

Tell us about these as soon as possible so that we can ensure your safety.

6. What if I am not living locally?

We can work something out, whether it be attending the Mediation via Skype or Facetime, we will make it work for you.

7. What is a Section 60I Certificate and can I get one?

A Section 60I Certificate is a Certificate issued by the Mediator (Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner) to confirm that you have attempted Mediation.

We can issue you with one in the event that an agreement isn’t reached at Mediation.

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