If you’re part of a Gold Coast family that is separating or divorcing then mediation can save you time and money. When it comes to family mediation Gold Coast turns to Family Mediation Station for expert mediation services. Family Mediation Station can book you in for your first mediation session within 7 days. Unlike some family relationship centres in Australia where you can wait for up to 4 months.

How Family Mediation Gold Coast Works

Family mediation is a voluntary process whereby both parties meet to reach an agreement. We guide you through that process, first with a mediation mentor who helps you prepare for the day of mediation. On the day or mediation you meet with a Gold Coast family mediator who works with you to make a mediation agreement. Once that agreement is reached we pass it onto our in-house lawyer to write it up.

Reaching Resolution With Family Mediation Gold Coast

For family mediation Gold Coast’s Family Mediation Station offers and effective and lasting way to reach a resolution. Bi-pass expensive and protracted legal processes by contacting us today.

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Why Choose Family Mediation Gold Coast

Family Mediation Saves Time

Mediation saves you time and money. As we like to say, life’s too short to go to court. Instead of involving lawyers, family mediation allows you to reach an mutual agreement. That agreement forms the foundation on which you can split and share assets and access to your children. Our Gold Coast family mediators are expertly versed in the laws pertaining to children, property and domestic matters. They’ll guide you through the mediation process to an agreement that paves the way for future relations.

Family Mediation Saves Money

Family mediation save you money. Lawyers are expensive and legal services eat into the property pool of the family. If you can reach an agreement through mediation then both parties come out ahead.

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